Assembly District 41: Nick Phillips vs. Sandra Jauregui

In Assembly District 41, voters have an easy (but important!) choice between Republican Nick Phillips and Democrat Sandra Jauregui.



Nick Phillips

Nick Phillips already has a record of sending jobs out of Nevada. In fact, Phillips brags about owning a company that gave half of its jobs to Pakistan.

So it’s no surprise that Phillips’ own party platform would chase the solar industry OUT of Nevada.

And Phillips’ team even supports privatizing our public lands, which would deny us access to the land we love.

Source:, accessed 9/15/16; 2016 Nevada Republican Party platform

Sandra Jauregui

An avid hiker, Sandra Jauregui will protect our access to the places we love.

Like so many Nevadans, Sandra Jauregui calls hiking in Red Rock Canyon her “happy place,” so we can be sure that Sandra will stand up to extremists trying to deny us access to our public lands for hiking and other activities.

And Sandra knows that expanding renewable energy, including solar, will help local homeowners while creating thousands of good-paying jobs and growing our economy.