Assembly District 9: David Gardner vs. Steve Yeager

In Assembly District 9, voters have an easy (but important!) choice between Republican David Gardner and Democrat Steve Yeager.



Steve Yeager

Steve Yeager believes Nevada should be a leader in renewable energy, which will boost our economy, create good-paying jobs and keep families healthy.

Steve understands that as Nevadans, we love to get outside and enjoy our public lands. He will always protect our ability to do that.

David Gardner

David Gardner voted to limit your access to hiking, camping, and fishing on public lands.

David Gardner co-sponsored the so-called “Cliven Bundy Bill” — an unconstitutional plan that would have limited our access to public lands for hiking, camping and outdoor recreation. (AB408, co-sponsored 2015)

This proposal, along with another Gardner supported, could have allowed OUR land to be cut up and sold to out-of-state corporations. (SJR1, 2015)