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Background: In 2002, Nevada voters approved Question 1, creating a source of funding for conservation projects across Nevada. Since then, the Conservation & Resource Grant Program has been instrumental in protecting and improving Nevada’s natural environment, cultural resources, and recreational opportunities. From preserving water quality and protecting rivers and wetlands to enriching State Parks, historic treasures, and more, the Conservation Bond Program has helped make Nevada a great place to live, work, and play. If the state doesn’t reauthorize these funds over the next ten years critical outdoor projects across the state will go unfunded.

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The Benefits of this conservation funding program: Every county in Nevada has received support for projects through the programs supported by these resources. Collectively, conservation bonding under this program has created over 100 miles of trails across Nevada, preserved over 17,000 acres for habitat, conservation, and recreation, funded more than 115 projects in all Nevada counties, and helped put resources in all 27 of Nevada’s State Parks. Click here to see some of the projects supported by Conservation Funding in Nevada.

The Need: These funds were only authorized for ten years. Fortunately, the money generated for the Conservation and Resource Grant Program lasted longer than expected, but the funds are quickly running out. If the legislature doesn’t take action this legislative session Nevada will lose critical funding for conservation projects across the state.

The Solution: Nevada’s legislature should pass Assembly Bill 84 in the 2019 legislative session and reauthorize the bonding that supports these critical programs.

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