Nevada Gamings double take on Clean Energy

Nevada Gaming’s double take on Clean Energy

The gaming industry has voted for renewable energy with its feet, with some choosing to pay huge fees to walk away from NV Energy and go all in on clean power investments. Resort industry leaders took this bold move because it’s good for business. But now that Nevada consumers are demanding the same access to clean energy, they’re standing in the way. It’s time for Nevada to be a clean energy leader again, and a stronger renewable energy standard will get us there. By opposing this policy, the casino industry is blocking jobs, clean air, and the opportunity for consumers to do what they did: take advantage of Nevada’s vast clean energy resources.

THEN: Investing in renewable energy is good for the planet, but we know the gaming industry is on board because it’s also good business.

Renewable energy means stable electricity prices and economic development that raises all boats.

Now Nevada consumers want the same opportunity to choose clean energy. That’s why they overwhelmingly supported the Energy Choice Initiative, which will allow consumers to opt for job-creating clean energy instead of dirty, old technology.

As Virginia Valentine, president of the Nevada Resort Association, said in a statement last year, “Big business should not be the only ones participating in a discussion about energy choice though. It’s important our employees and all Nevada ratepayers have a voice in this debate and we will absolutely support efforts to help those voices be heard.

Now: The resort industry is standing in the way.

The Nevada Resort Association, representing some of Nevada’s biggest casinos have come out in opposition to a proposal to increase the amount of energy Nevada gets from clean, in-state renewable energy.

Under this proposal, Nevada would get 50 percent of its electricity from clean energy by 2030, with a pathway to 80 percent by 2040. That’s a bold but achievable goal that will make Nevada a clean energy leader once again while stabilizing energy prices and creating good jobs.

Our largest economic industry leaders shouldn’t sit on the sidelines denying Nevada jobs, economic growth, and diversification, and the access to the clean energy Nevadans overwhelmingly want.

If left unchecked, this hypocrisy can put a black eye on Nevada. Sign our petition today to let the Nevada Resort Association know you disagree with them.