Senate District 6: Nicole Cannizzaro vs. Victoria Seaman

In Senate District 6, voters have an easy (but important!) choice between Republican Victoria Seaman and Democrat Nicole Cannizzaro.

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Public Lands

Victoria Seaman is considered one of Cliven Bundy’s fiercest supporters.

Seaman even co-sponsored an unconstitutional bill to help Cliven Bundy limit our access to the natural places Nevadans have enjoyed for generations — and voted to permanently sell our public lands to the highest bidder! (AB 408 & SJR 1, 2015)

Nicole Cannizzaro will ensure that public lands stay public, and that Nevada families will always be able to hike, camp, and fish our public lands.

Clean Energy

Nicole Cannizzaro knows that clean energy jobs are essential to our economy and our future, and she supports expanding renewable energy investments.

Victoria Seaman was one of only nine members of the Assembly who voted against studying energy efficient technologies and investments that could boost our economy and bring good-paying jobs to Nevada. (SB 360, 2015)