Southwest Gas bills costing you a fortune? Here are solutions you need to know.

Gas heating bills reached record heights this past winter and continue to hurt Nevada’s families.

Southwest Gas bills skyrocketed in 2023. Nevada families had to forego medicine, food, retirement savings, and more to afford the cost of home heating and cooking meals.

Nevadans with gas heating and stoves are paying more:

“Gas will be even more expensive for Nevadans… after Southwest Gas filed plans to again raise customer rates — this time by nearly 20%.”

-Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/9/23

At the start of 2023, bills for some Southwest Gas customers went from $25 a month up to as much as $196.

“Southwest Gas is a bully that needs to be brought to reality. The reality is that consumers are fed up with this monopoly intimidating our community,” Minister Tracy Byrd told state regulators in February.

-Nevada Current, 2/22/23

Southwest Gas rewarded former CEO John Hester with millions of dollars in pay in recent years.

“While families have been struggling with inflation, the tough economy, and higher household expenses, Hester earned $28.7 million in compensation from 2017-2021.”

-Energy and Policy Institute, 1/8/23

Methane gas use contributes to the worsening impacts of climate change and pollutes the air our families breathe at home.

“Gas stove pollution causes roughly 12.7% of childhood asthma in the United States”

-The Washington Post, 1/6/23

Gov. Lombardo’s recent executive order is sending us in the wrong direction, deepening our reliance on polluting and expensive methane gas.

“Nevadans also need to hold the Southwest Gas monopoly accountable. Contrary to the vision Gov. Lombardo laid out in his executive order, we must reduce dependence on expensive, out-of-state fossil fuels. We should concentrate our efforts on planning for a clean-energy future that relies on local, renewable energy that is affordable, reliable and healthy for all of Nevada’s families.” 

-Nevada Independent, 4/22/23

Enough is enough.

It’s time for our state and local leaders to deliver short-term relief from high gas bills along with long-term solutions that will reduce our reliance on methane gas and transition our homes and businesses onto safe, healthy, reliable, and affordable electric appliances like heat pumps and induction cooktops. New federal incentives are available to help lower upfront costs of these appliances. 

We also must invest in Nevada’s local renewable resources, home electrification upgrades and retrofits, as well as more energy efficiency programs. All-electric homes protect Nevada’s families and children from indoor air pollution while saving customers money and slashing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Take action to tell our leaders we need to accelerate the transition of Nevada’s homes and businesses away from polluting methane gas and onto clean energy — and then spread the word on social media!