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NCL announces key state senate endorsements.

NCL Announces Endorsements in Key Senate Races

The Nevada Conservation League is proud to endorse Kristee Watson (Senate District 5), Wendy Jauregui-Jackins (Senate District 15), and Liz Becker (Senate District 18) in their respective races for the Nevada State Senate. These three candidates will join the Nevada Conservation League’s previously endorsed pro-environment candidates in the upcoming critical election.

“The Nevada Conservation League is proud to endorse and support pro-conservation candidates Kristee Watson, Wendy Jauregui-Jackins, and Liz Becker,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Paul Selberg. “Over the last decade, Nevada has led the nation in passing policies to fight climate change, build a renewable energy economy, promote cleaner transportation, protect our public lands, and grow our outdoor recreation economy. There is still more work to be done, but we know that as future Senators, these three candidates will continue the progress we’ve made in our state.”

“One of the things that makes me most proud to be a Nevadan is the natural beauty of our state. My family and I feel fortunate to look out at our mountain and desert environments, take hikes through the hills discovering wildlife, and appreciate gorgeous desert sunsets,” said Nevada Senate District 5 candidate Kristee Watson. “We must protect these gifts for future generations and recognize that environmental justice and protecting public land is on the ballot in November. That’s why I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Nevada Conservation League. I will always fight alongside NCL to protect our state’s rich natural heritage and do all I can to combat the devastating effects of climate change.”

“Nevada is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. In the State Senate, I will go to work every day to ensure we are utilizing those resources to make our state a leader in the renewable and clean energy economy,” said Nevada Senate District 15 candidate Wendy Jauregui-Jackins. “I also understand that it is critical to the health and safety of our communities that we have clean air, clean water, and do all we can to combat climate change at every turn. The Nevada Conservation League is leading the way in on these issues, and I’m so proud to receive their endorsement.”
“As an avid outdoorswoman and environmental scientist trained at UNLV, I am thrilled to accept the endorsement of the Nevada Conservation League in my race for State Senate,” said Nevada Senate District 18 candidate Liz Becker. “The work we do in the next five years to address climate change head on and preserve natural habitat in Nevada will reverberate for generations. We are lucky to have the advocates at Nevada Conservation League holding us accountable and I am excited for what we will accomplish together in 2021.”

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