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Nevada is at the frontline of the climate crisis. Extreme heat, scorching wildfires, and severe drought continue to threaten our environment, our communities, and our chance of passing a healthy climate on to future generations.

Healthy Climate

Clean Energy

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Water Conservation


Healthy Communities

Let’s end our reliance on polluting methane gas in homes.

Methane gas — also known as “natural” gas — is a potent fossil fuel just like coal and oil. Nevada cannot meet its state climate targets without cutting gas use in homes.

Take action to help support the transition to clean energy homes in Nevada — and then spread the word on social media!

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Monthly contributors and members of our Conservation Club help power our advocacy and help us work to ensure that all Nevadans have clean water and clean air, and can access their parks and public lands.

Contributions to our 501c4 allow us to engage in direct advocacy with lawmakers and engage in political campaign activity to help elect pro-conservation champions to public office!

Conservation Scorecard

See how your legislator voted to protect our climate, air, water, land, and communities.

The Conservation Scorecard provides information about critical environmental legislation considered and votes taken during the 2021 Nevada legislative session.

Key highlights:

  • 32 out of 63 legislators received a perfect score of 100%
  • State Senators received an average score of 79% and the Assembly received 69%
  • Democratic leadership in the Senate and Assembly received a score of 100%
  • Chairs of key committees received a 94% or higher  

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