Electrifying: Chas’ Home Energy Upgrade Guide

A healthy home does wonders for a healthy life. Just ask Chas Macquarie, a retired civil engineer who lives with his wife, Anne, in a 26-year-old, 1840-square-foot home in Carson City. As a volunteer with Citizens Climate Lobby, Chas knows the urgency of addressing climate change and our individual roles in mitigating the adverse effects […]

Charging Ahead: Max’s Role in Nevada’s “Battery Boom”

In the heart of Reno, Nevada, resides Max Georgeson, a passionate advocate for clean energy and a driving force behind our state’s burgeoning clean energy sector. Max’s journey reflects the transformative job opportunities that come as a result of investments from President Biden’s clean energy plan  Max’s story begins at the University of Nevada, Reno […]

Christi Hits the Road Towards a Cleaner Future 

Meet Christi Cabrera-Georgeson, Deputy Director for the Nevada Conservation League and a Nevada resident whose journey into the world of electric vehicles (EVs) was fueled by a combination of her career in conservation and personal experiences. Living in Reno, Nevada, she witnessed the impact of transportation-related pollution during winter inversions — when tailpipe emissions in […]

Transforming Nevada Homes: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Energy Savings This Tax Season

Right here in Nevada, we’re harnessing the power of the sun, investing in clean energy, and taking bold steps toward a sustainable future. The Clean Energy Plan, championed by President Joe Biden, is not just a vision; it’s an actionable plan that brings tangible, cost-saving benefits to Nevada’s residents.  This guide aims to empower Nevadans […]

Southwest Gas connected to web of opposition targeting Nevada Assemblywoman

By Energy and Policy InstituteJune 6, 2022 The gas utility and a front group look to unseat Assemblywoman who introduced climate legislation ahead of the June 14 primary. Southwest Gas and a front group backed by allies of the gas utility are funding an effort to oust Democratic Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen. Last year, Cohen introduced […]

The Dirty Truth Behind Methane ‘Natural’ Gas

The fossil fuel industry has spent billions obscuring the role that methane gas – also known as natural gas – plays in fueling the climate crisis and polluting our air quality. Methane gas is marketed to our communities as a clean energy source for heating our homes, buildings, and water. Even the word “natural” in […]

Climate Crisis is Impacting Nevada — How Can We Build Back Better?

Climate change events are becoming more frequent and severe, and Nevadans are paying the price. We need federal action to help meet this climate moment and protect our communities. Nevada is home to two of the fastest-warming cities in the country – Reno & Las Vegas – hitting record-breaking temperatures year after year. For the […]

Majority of Nevadans Support Clean Energy Proposals in American Jobs Plan

Data for Progress, LCV release new American Jobs Plan poll and modeled data Data for Progress and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) recently released new state and Congressional district level data showing overwhelming bipartisan support across the country for the investments the American Jobs Plan would make in climate, clean energy, good-paying union jobs […]

Clean energy issues make 3 of 4 Legislative Caucus agendas

Now that the 2017 Legislative Session is underway the 4 caucuses of the legislature have all released their plans for Nevada. The good news is that 3 of the 4 agendas contain clean energy priorities. The Senate and Assembly Democrats have made the issue central to their economic development agenda in their Blueprint calling for […]