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Congresswoman Susie Lee joins conservation groups to discuss new consumer benefits from the Affordable Clean Energy Plan


LAS VEGAS, Nev. —  Last night, Congresswoman Susie Lee joined the Nevada Conservation League, Powershift by NV Energy, Help of Southern Nevada, and Home Energy Connection to highlight existing state resources and programs from the federal Affordable Clean Energy Plan that can help lower utility bills for working-class families. 

Nevada’s entire Democratic federal delegation helped champion and secure the historic passage of the Affordable Clean Energy Plan, also known as the Inflation Reduction Act. August marked the one-year anniversary of this critical federal climate law that is investing billions of dollars in climate, clean energy, and environmental justice improvements. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lower energy costs, fight inflation, and support and create millions of new jobs bolstering our clean energy economy. 

“The climate crisis is hitting Nevadans’ wallets hard as rising temperatures increase utility bills, and ever more frequent extreme weather events are forcing us to confront new and costly challenges to the resilience of our homes and public infrastructure alike. But savings are on the way,” said Congresswoman Susie Lee (NV-03). “Immediate savings on home improvements and electric vehicles, and long-term savings on utility bills, are what southern Nevadans can expect from the Inflation Reduction Act – in addition to the most significant federal response to climate change. I’m proud to have passed this common-sense bill, and I’ll keep working to make sure every Nevadan has access to the cost-saving benefits of this historic legislation for the long haul.”

“Spikes in energy prices are affecting households across Nevada. Thanks to our nation’s  Affordable Clean Energy Plan, there are steps we can take to protect consumers. The more our state invests in clean energy, the better we can protect ourselves from volatile gas prices,” said Nevada Conservation League’s Community Organizer, Hector Arreola. “An essential step is leveraging federal benefits to assist all Nevadans in gaining access to home weatherization programs. Retrofitting homes with energy efficient appliances will help build a resilient Nevada that can help mitigate the effects of extreme weather conditions and make homes safer, more affordable, and more comfortable.”

The implementation of federal incentives for Nevadans to weatherize their homes stands as a crucial step towards achieving both the state’s economic and environmental goals. By offering financial support and resources for home weatherization projects, residents can feel empowered to save on energy costs, and contribute to a larger-scale reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Weatherizing homes in Nevada, a state characterized by extreme temperatures, can lead to substantial energy savings and lowered utility bills for residents. 

“Power bills can be high, that’s why we are moving towards less expensive renewable energy, and we are working to be less reliant on natural gas. There are things that Nevadans can do right now to take advantage of available resources to help lower their bills,” said Patricia Rodriguez with Powershift by NV Energy. “NV Energy’s Powershift offers completely free energy assessments. We have an energy advisor that helps you identify where your energy is going. Some of the tips are free or low cost and really help customers make those energy efficient transitions in their homes.”

The ripple effect of federal funds coming to Nevada can result in a strengthened local economy, as funds saved on energy expenses can be redirected towards other essential needs. The reduction in energy consumption also helps reduce the strain on our state’s power grids and helps move us closer to Nevada’s energy goals of being 100% carbon-free by 2050.

“Our weatherization program helps low-income households by assisting with home retrofitting like solar screen installation, weather stripping, broken window repairs, and gas appliance testing and replacements,” said Maria O’Brien with Help of Southern Nevada. “We weatherize over 300 units per year which equals thousands of dollars in savings for customers. This not only saves households money, but also helps them focus on basic needs like food and prescriptions.”

“We strive to create high performing homes and buildings by working with the goals of our customers -this starts by helping residents analyze their utility bills through our energy audit,” said Les Lazareck with Home Energy Connection. “And thanks to federal investments, Nevadans are going to see a wave of household electrification incentives. We’re on a mission to help Nevadans take advantage of them.” 

The Nevada Conservation League applauds the progress to date and is persistently working to get these investments into our state’s communities right away. Public education will be a critical tool for ensuring all Nevadans are made aware of these investments and how they can take advantage of them immediately. Visit rewiringamerica.org/app/ira-calculator to learn more about clean energy savings. 


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