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ICYMI: Congresswoman Susie Lee Joins Environmental Advocates to Discuss Federal Climate Action

LAS VEGAS, Nev. Last night, the Nevada Conservation League hosted a virtual town hall with Representative Susie Lee (NV-3) to discuss the need for bold federal climate action to address extreme climate events, expand access to clean energy, and support economic recovery. 

This event comes as Congress considers a significant climate package that would reduce energy costs for families, cut climate pollution, invest in climate justice, and create good-paying, clean energy jobs here at home. Recently, Rep. Lee joined her colleagues in a letter calling for urgent action on climate and to ensure clean energy and climate investments remain a central part of any upcoming comprehensive legislative package. 

A recording of the discussion can be found here

Nevada has been at the epicenter of the climate crisis as our communities suffer from extreme heat, droughts, and wildfires,” said Representative Susie Lee. “As federal leaders, we owe it to our communities to act with urgency to deliver on climate action that meets this moment at the scale that science and justice demand. I am proud to work alongside the Nevada Conservation League and environmental advocates to help secure a better climate future.” 

“Nevadans don’t need to look far to witness the impacts of the climate crisis. Extreme heat, scorching wildfires, and droughts are continuing to threaten our communities and are warning of what is to come if we don’t act immediately and boldly,” said Nevada Conservation League Political and Organizing Director Andrew Sierra. “We are fortunate for the leadership of Congresswoman Susie Lee, who understands the serious threat of the climate crisis and continues to fight every day in Washington to protect our communities and our future.”

Climate change is making extreme weather events more dangerous, fueling longer and more intense heatwaves, scorching wildfires, and severe droughts that continue to threaten Nevada. By 2050, the typical number of heatwave days in Nevada is projected to increase from 15 to nearly 55 days a year. Additionally, leisure and hospitality is the largest economic sector in Nevada, and climate change is expected to cause growing losses to Nevada infrastructure and property, impeding the rate of economic growth over this century. 

Nevadans are calling on Congress to act now on the climate crisis, protect communities from extreme weather events, rebuild our neighborhoods with resilient infrastructure, and restore our economy with good-paying clean energy jobs. 

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