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LCV, Climate Power Hit $50 Million in Paid Media with Additional Senate-Focused Ads in Nevada, Part of the Push for Historic Climate Investments

Washington, D.C. – Today, the League of Conservation Voters and Climate Power announced an additional round of national and Senate-focused ads in multiple states including Nevada, achieving a milestone of $50 million invested in paid media to tackle climate change and transition to a clean energy economy — and this is before factoring in spending from other climate organizations this year. The ads — ranging from TV, to digital, to print, to billboards — highlight the once in a generation opportunities these climate investments will provide families and workers, thank individual members of Congress for their leadership, and urge Congress to finish the job as soon as possible and pass the Build Back Better Act. 

The climate provisions in this overwhelmingly popular bill will save families $500 per year on energy costs, create good-paying union jobs, invest in environmental justice initiatives, and put our nation on track to meet the Climate Test and cut climate pollution in half by 2030.

Climate change investments remain a priority for Nevada, where extreme weather events from record-breaking temperatures and raging wildfires to drought and air pollution are becoming more frequent and severe. The bill seeks to expand the fast-growing clean energy economy and add to the 32,000 clean energy jobs in the state. Nevada voters want to see federal climate action, with data showing 60% of registered voters in Nevada support the complete Build Back Better Act, with more supporting bold investments into clean energy resources.

WATCH NEVADA AD: “For Families” (Sen. Cortez Masto – running on TV in Nevada)

“Win Win” and “Once in a Lifetime” are the national ads that aired nationally on MSNBC and other stations in Washington DC this week, along with YouTube and Facebook. They feature President Biden in his own words speaking to how climate action will create opportunities for everyone in America, and that we can’t miss this moment. 

WATCH NATIONAL ADS: “Win Win” and “Once in a Lifetime”

Versions of “For Families” will air in the following markets:

  • Nevada statewide (Sen. Cortez Masto)
  • Arizona statewide (Sen. Kelly)
  • Georgia statewide (Sen. Warnock)
  • New Hampshire statewide (Sen. Hassan)

“We are on the verge of passing historic legislation that will make a real difference in the fight against the climate crisis, especially for Nevada communities who have been shattered by extreme weather events,” said Paul Selberg, Executive Director of Nevada Conservation League. “The Build Back Better Act makes the necessary investments to cut emissions, create good-paying clean energy jobs right here at home, and invest directly in communities that have historically borne the brunt of pollution and climate disasters. Nevadans are looking to our Senators to take the next step and pass the most important climate legislation in our history.” 

“This is our chance to deliver real savings for families, create good-paying clean energy jobs, and invest directly in communities of color who have borne the brunt of fossil fuel and other toxic pollution. That is why we are working so hard and have made this unprecedented investment to ensure Congress passes the Build Back Better Act and it’s why members and voters have responded so well to this campaign,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV Senior Vice President of Campaigns. “We are seeing the impacts right now of the climate crisis on communities all across the country who are counting on Congress and President Biden to get this done. Now is the time for the Senate to finish the job, pass the Build Back Better Act quickly and send it to President Biden’s desk.” 

“People across the country are getting hit with the costs of rising energy prices and climate change. They are ready for Congress to act,” said Lori Lodes, Climate Power Executive Director. “The House listened to voters and passed the Build Back Better Act to lower costs for families, create millions of clean energy jobs and take on the climate crisis. Now the Senate must meet the moment and pass the climate test by swiftly passing this bill.”

This effort has included an accountability campaign, which called attention to the House members who voted against the Build Back Better Act despite the fact that their constituents would benefit from this historic investment in jobs, justice, and climate action.

Ad scripts below.

“Win Win” 

When I think about climate change, the word I think of is jobs

These investments are a win win win for this country

Creating jobs, cutting energy costs, protecting our climate

So let’s not waste any more time

Let’s get to work

 “Once in a Lifetime”

I know that climate change is a challenge that is going to define our American future

I know meeting the challenge will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to jolt new life into our economy

So let’s not waste any more time

Let’s get to work

“For Families” 

Don’t believe the false attacks against Senator Cortez Masto

She’s fighting to create good paying clean energy jobs

That will grow our economy and take on climate change

With the Build Back Better Act

It’s a clean energy plan 

That will create thousands of good jobs for Nevada workers

Cut energy costs for families by $500 a year

While tackling climate change for future generations

It’s a win win for Nevada workers and families

Thank you Senator

For fighting to build back better

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