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Nevada Business and Elected Leaders are Working to Leverage Federal Electrification Investments Coming to the Silver State

Nevada Conservation League hosts panel discussion highlighting benefits from the Affordable Clean Energy Plan

Pictures from the event can be downloaded here.

RENO, NV. —  Last night, the Nevada Conservation League held a panel to discuss the future of electrification in the silver state. The panel featured prominent business and elected leaders who are spearheading efforts to harness Nevada’s potential for clean energy production. Speakers highlighted the state’s unique opportunity to leverage federal investments and advance its commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

With the passage of the federal Affordable Clean Energy Plan, Nevada has the opportunity to double down on its clean energy investments while lowering costs for everyday consumers, decreasing harmful pollution, and creating a greener future. This is the most meaningful climate change policy we’ve seen in decades. Specifically, Nevadans can save thousands of dollars on solar energy, new or used electric vehicles, electric stoves, electric heating and cooling systems, and more thanks to incoming tax breaks and purchase incentives. Panelists shared resources and tools to help consumers take advantage of these investments. 

“Community involvement is essential for the success of clean energy and electrification efforts in Northern Nevada. With the passage of the federal Clean Energy Plan, Nevada has an opportunity to create a cleaner, greener future for itself,” said Nevada Conservation League’s Community Organizer, Trystin St. Denis“A fundamental part of this process is educating the community about these benefits and the changes people want to see reflected in their communities. Events like this can help Nevadans understand what electrification can do for our state.”

Washoe County has committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050,” said Washoe County Commissioner Mariluz Garcia. We are using data to make our county buildings and fleet more energy-efficient. We are working with community partners to expand renewable energy generation, provide better transportation solutions, expand our urban forests to combat urban heat, and grow more food right here in our community – all of this with a focus on our most vulnerable populations. All of these efforts are going to clean our air, create jobs, provide more reliable and affordable energy, increase access to healthy food, and improve the quality of life for everyone in Washoe County.”

“The climate crisis is not isolated to only Nevada, however Nevada has taken on climate change head on with our legislature keenly focused on renewable energy and its impact on Nevadans,”  said Sol-Up’s COO Steve Hamilie. “Our move to clean energy not only reduces user energy costs but also mitigates impact on our fragile grid system, provides greater infrastructure for electric vehicle expansion resulting in cleaner air and water for future generations.” 

The Nevada Clean Energy Fund is excited to be a part of this historic moment when significant federal clean energy funds are becoming available for clean energy and electrification measures,” said NV Clean Energy Fund’s CEO Kirsten Stasio. “It presents an incredible opportunity to bring together diverse partners from across the state, like this Electrifying Nevada conversation has done, to develop innovative and impactful initiatives that provide meaningful benefits to Nevada’s communities.”

The Nevada Conservation League applauds the progress to date and is persistently working to get these investments into our state’s communities right away. Public education will be a critical tool for ensuring all Nevadans are made aware of these investments and how they can take advantage of them immediately. Visit rewiringamerica.org/app/ira-calculator to learn more about clean energy savings. 

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