Angelyn Tabalba

Nevada Conservation League Applauds Governor Sisolak for Centering Climate Resilience and Clean Energy Jobs in Infrastructure Efforts

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Today, the Nevada Conservation League applauded Governor Steve Sisolak as he joined businesses, workers, elected leaders, and communities across the country to stand ‘United in Infrastructure.’ Following the Governor’s proclamation of ‘Infrastructure Week’ in Nevada and the announcement of a subcabinet devoted to leveraging and investing federal funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Paul Selberg released the following statement:

“We’ve seen how extreme climate events can devastate our public lands, water resources, roads, pipes, and buildings — giving us even greater reason to put climate at the center of our infrastructure investments.

We are excited to see Governor Sisolak and his administration strengthen their commitment to climate-resilient infrastructure with the formation of a subcabinet, led by Infrastructure Advisor Nelson Araujo and Climate Advisor Dr. Kristen Averyt, to effectively and equitably manage federal funds while making the state more resilient against climate change. 

These funds, made possible by the efforts of Nevada’s Democratic Congressional Delegation, will help our state make critical investments in electric vehicle charging stations, electric school buses, grid modernization, and new high-quality jobs.” 

Nevada Conservation League is excited to work alongside elected leaders, businesses, and community members to identify opportunities that advance Nevada toward our climate goals, expand our clean energy economy, and better protect our communities. 


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