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Nevada Conservation League response to Dept. of Energy shipping plutonium to Nevada

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 30, 2019) – Upon learning of National Nuclear Security Administration General Counsel Bruce Diamond’s disclosure that radioactive plutonium had already entered the state of Nevada, Andy Maggi, the Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League issued the following statement:

“The actions of Department of Energy are unacceptable. Nevadans were told this was an open-ended question that was still being negotiated, however the Trump administration was, once again, hiding their intentions or actions. In doing so, they knowingly deceived our elected and appointed state officials, misled a federal court, and completely betrayed the people of Nevada.

Furthermore shipping highly-toxic material to and through our beautiful state, without proper notice, reveals this administration’s utter contempt for the people of this country, our safety, the environment, the rule of law and complete disregard for the health and safety of all Nevadans.

The Nevada Conservation League has always held firmly that Nevada should not be used as a dumping ground for other states’ nuclear waste which would jeopardize the health of our water, air, land, wildlife and threatens the safety of each and every citizen living here now or for future generations.

We also want to reiterate that the people of Nevada should not be put in ongoing danger simply because the Trump administration failed to meet a federal court’s mandated deadline to complete construction on a re-purposing facility in a different state on the other side of the county.

Therefore, the Nevada Conservation league believes that Nevadans deserve a full accounting of the decisions and actors that led to this disingenuous situation and endangerment of the people and environment of Nevada.

The Nevada Conservation League would like to thank all of the members of Nevada’s congressional delegation, as well as Governor Sisolak, for fighting hard to protect Nevada and to keep nuclear waste out of our state. We applaud them for holding a hard line against any and all efforts to revive the threat of Yucca Mountain.


Andy Maggi, Executive Director
(503) 720-4185

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