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Nevada Craft Brewers and Green Business Network Teach Sustainable Practices During Brewery Summit

Beverage industry professionals learn methods to reduce pollution, minimize cost, and increase efficiency

**Photos and Video Clips Included**

HENDERSON, Nevada – On Wednesday, April 5th, local brewers, distillers, and beverage industry professionals attended a Sustainability Brewery Summit at Lovelady Brewing Company. The Summit, hosted by the Nevada Green Business Network and the Nevada Craft Brewers Association, shared sustainability projects and practices to help industry professionals reduce pollution, minimize costs, and increase efficiency while being welcomed to earn a statewide Green Business certification

Brewers and distillers are a stimulus to Nevada’s economies and play an important role in efforts to achieve a cleaner, healthier environment in Nevada. The event featured speakers from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Nevada Craft Brewers Association, Core Cans, Green C02 Systems, and Green Business Network.

Photos and videos from the event can be downloaded here

“It’s very apparent that climate change is here. That’s why I have taken on this role of creating an open line of communication between brewers and associated members,” said  Linda Lovelady, owner of Lovelady Brewing Company and legislative chairperson for the Nevada Craft Brewers Association (NCBA). “The more information we can get out to breweries about the ease of transitioning to sustainable business practices, the better.” 

As a small business owner, Linda Lovelady shares Lovelady Brewing Company has used approximately 41 cases of pak-tech beverage molds this year, equating to over 1000 pounds of plastic. She says, “Imagine how much larger breweries are wasting and how much we can all do if we reduce our waste.” She mentions pak-tech alternatives can include using Fish Bone, World-Centric, and E6pr, or starting with smaller changes, including switching to paper bags and utensils.

“We cater to craft beverage makers to provide the most eco-friendly packaging available while also giving back to the community,” said Kirk Anderson, Co-Owner of Core Cans. “Recycling makes a difference. Not just in reducing waste but also in reducing the amount of energy spent on making a product. It takes an initial investment to change but at the end of the day it’s good for business and most importantly, good for the environment.” 

Lance Rainwater with Green CO2 Systems shares about CO2 storage technology and the benefits of storage vessels. He says, “Differences in various CO2 storage vessels can impact a business’s sustainability and environmental goals. Understanding how CO2 storage works is crucial to reducing our state’s overall emissions. More and more breweries are looking at different transportation and storage options and the approach they take will be an important link. Certain methods can be wildly inefficient and wasteful to businesses. We work to deliver faster, safer and with zero venting. This technology can save businesses on their monthly CO2 bill and lower their carbon footprint.”

The Green Business Network guides and certifies Nevada businesses to improve their operations and sustainability practices and create a more environmentally conscious business sector. Through education, networking, and collaboration, the network finds new ways for businesses to be more efficient, healthy, and attract new customers.

“Green business advisors are here to make the transition to more sustainable practices easier for businesses,” said Green Business Program speaker Erica Gallegos. “Through our certification checklist and guidance, we’ve seen businesses save over 2 million gallons of water per year. We break it down for businesses so that the process isn’t overwhelming. More and more businesses are really excited to make the transition. We’re extremely hopeful to see some of the first green breweries in southern Nevada soon.”

As a partner of the Nevada Green Business Network, the Nevada Conservation League will help identify green businesses in Southern Nevada that show interest in conservation and sustainability and provide them a platform to advocate for pro-conservation and business-friendly policies. 

The program targets businesses and manufacturers of all types and we encourage businesses throughout Nevada to go online to to get certified. For more information on the Nevada Green Business Network visit


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