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Nevada Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General Joined Veterans and Climate Activists to Highlight the Threat Climate Change Poses to Energy and National Security and Called on Senate to Prioritize Climate Action

(LAS VEGAS, Nevada) – Today, Lieutenant Governor Lisa Cano Burkhead, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, State Senator Chris Brooks, and climate activists convened for a press conference to call attention to the threat that climate change poses to energy and national security. Speakers urged the Senate to pass the $550 billion in crucial climate investments approved by the House last November in order to achieve energy independence through a rapid transition to clean energy. The event was sponsored by the Nevada Conservation League.

“Climate change is an incredibly multifaceted issue that affects our security both home and abroad,” said Attorney General Ford. “Extreme weather and changing climates jeopardizes the infrastructure and operations of our military installations across the world, including at Nellis Air Force Base right in our backyard. We know that climate change exacerbates the extreme heat waves that already affect bases throughout the southwest, and it’s critical we act decisively to confront climate change on behalf of civilians, active service members, and veterans alike.”

Southern Nevada Policy and Advocacy Manager, and Air Force veteran, Johnathan Lytle shares remarks on why Nevada must urgently move towards energy independence.
Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas, NV

“Our current dependence on fossil fuels is not only fueling the climate crisis, it is fueling the ambitions of dictators across the ocean while threatening our supply chain and working families at home,” said Lt. Governor Lisa Cano Burkhead. “The solution is right before us – and it’s something Nevada has a bountiful amount of – clean energy. Clean energy, like wind, solar, and other renewable sources, is homegrown, creates good-paying jobs here in Nevada, and is not subject to the wild fluctuations of the global fossil fuel markets. Now is the time for the Senate to take action to invest in clean energy and secure our nation’s energy future.”

The recent spike in gasoline prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is yet another reminder that fossil fuel costs are subject to global market fluctuations and the whims of petrostate dictators. Even with US oil and gas production nearing record levels, Americans haven’t been spared from volatile fossil fuel prices, as the cost of gas exerts undue fiscal pressure on consumers and ultimately undermines our energy security. To protect our future, the Senate must incentivize the transition to clean, renewable energy and move the country toward energy independence. 

“The climate crisis is the challenge of a generation, and the response we mount will be decisive in charting the course for the next century both in Nevada and for the United States at large,” said Johnathan Lytle, Southern Nevada Policy and Advocacy Manager with the Nevada Conservation League. “We are at a critical juncture, and this landmark clean energy investment package is an opportunity to reduce pollution and protect public health. And as an Air Force veteran, I know these investments are critical for stabilizing our energy prices, protecting our bases across the country, and making our service members safer. We know that climate and national security are priorities for Senator Cortez Masto and Nevada’s federal leaders, and we are counting on them to help urge the Senate to pass a bold climate bill as soon as possible.”

Investments in clean energy—like wind, solar, clean transportation and other renewable sources—will not only provide locally-generated energy but also will bring new, well-paying jobs to the region. In addition to aiding national security, investment in the clean energy sector will create over 39,000 jobs in Nevada over the next five years, which will in turn help cut carbon pollution, fortify public health, and advance environmental justice.

A video of the press conference can be found HERE.


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