Net metering rules may change Nevada’s green energy strategy

By Sean Whaley | January 31, 2016 CARSON CITY — Nevada government and business leaders may have to shift at least part of their established economic development focus from renewable energy to other opportunities if new net metering rules drive the rooftop-solar business out of Nevada as predicted by industry officials. Rooftop solar was only […]

Nevada hunters give thumbs-down to drones, electronic guns

By Alex Corey | January 31, 2016 Big game hunters want you to leave the drones at home. The buzzing bots are quickly invading nearly every aspect of American life as people find uses for them in photography, surveying and now hunting. On Friday, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners took public comment on a proposal […]

Little-known conservation district studies tax increase

By Bethany Barnes| January 31, 2016 Until recently, the Southern Nevada Conservation District has flown mostly under the radar. That low profile is about to change, though, now that the seven-member board has the power to ask voters to consider a tax increase. That power has the business community and elected officials asking questions about […]