Clark County voters say no to development near Red Rock


Overwhelming Majority of Clark County Voters Want Clark County Commission to Vote to Save Red Rock
Critical vote to Save Red Rock comes before Commission this Wednesday
New polling shows overwhelming opposition to developer’s plans to re-zone

Clark County, NV—The Nevada Conservation League released a short poll today conducted by Public Policy Polling on NCL’s behalf detailing what many in Clark County already know—that a developer’s plan to place 5,000 homes near the Red Rock Conservation Area is vehemently opposed by Southern Nevadans. Furthermore, an overwhelming percentage of the electorate in Clark County is willing to hold elected officials accountable for their potential vote to support the developer’s plans.

According to PPP, 79% of Clark County voters oppose re-zoning to allow for 5,000 homes adjacent to the Red Rock Conservation Area. Overall, 73% of voters say that they would be less likely to support an elected official who votes in favor of the developer’s plans, including overwhelming majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. In fact, the crosstabs showed even stronger opposition from people who fall into demographics of voters who are more likely to vote in a mid term election, for instance:

  • Republicans 77% less likely to support a candidate who voted for the developer’s plans
  • Voters ages 46-65 polled at 82% less likely to support a candidate

PPP conducted an automated poll of 758 Clark County Nevada voters from Feb 17-19, full results are attached.

“As we go into this critical vote on Wednesday in front of the County Commission, it is important that our elected leaders know what voters’ opinions are on the issue,” Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League, stated. “We now have over 36,000 people who have proactively signed a petition against the developer’s plans, years of public comment, and a new poll clearly stating that an overwhelming majority of voters want to see Red Rock protected from overdevelopment. A yes vote to allow 5,000 homes within spitting distance of one of Nevada’s most precious landscapes is a vote against the will of the people. The voters have made their voice loud and unequivocal and we hope the Clark County Commission is listening.”

Read poll results here


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