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Nevada Clean Energy Fund Secures $156 Million Solar for All Grant in Momentous Earth Day Win

Federal funds will empower families with cost-saving solar energy, and cleaner air 

LAS VEGAS, NV — On this Earth Day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced $7 billion in grants from its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for Solar for All projects that will reduce carbon pollution and accelerate clean energy upgrades for Nevada homes. Nevada environmental advocates praised the Nevada Clean Energy Fund for securing $156 million to implement its Solar for All initiative.

Nevada’s Solar for All program is made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act, part of President Biden’s carbon pollution reduction plan — the largest in American history. The investment will support solar upgrades on homes, affordable housing, and community-scale and energy storage projects, addressing financial barriers to clean energy and empowering all Nevadans to embrace the benefits of solar energy.

“There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than to recommit to building a future where affordable clean energy reaches all communities. Today, we commend the Nevada Clean Energy Fund for moving this vision forward,” said Kristee Watson, Executive Director for the Nevada Conservation League. “NCEF’s Solar for All Program will accelerate the deployment of solar in communities that have historically been deprived of the cost-saving advantages of clean energy, helping to reshape our energy landscape with equity at its core. This is a clear example of the Biden administration delivering tangible benefits for families while helping Nevada move toward our clean energy and emissions reduction goals.” 

“I applaud the Nevada Clean Energy Fund for securing a substantial $156 million award that promises to significantly lower energy costs and reduce pollution across our most vulnerable communities,” said Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizarro. “These solar projects will transform the lives of Nevada families burdened by excessive energy expenses and help build resilience against extreme weather. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden administration is making good on its promises to Nevada — to expand clean energy access, curtail pollution, foster job creation, and bring down bills for hard working families.” 

“Solar for All is a game changer, bringing clean energy and lower bills within reach for Nevada families, particularly for low-income and working families,” said Speaker of the Assembly Steve Yeager. “This grant is key to building a future powered by cost-saving clean energy and ensuring all communities, no matter what zip code, can participate in Nevada’s burgeoning clean energy economy. Congratulations to the Nevada Clean Energy Fund on this tremendous win.” 

“We celebrate the Nevada Clean Energy Fund’s achievement in securing a $156 million Solar for All grant, which echoes our mission to lift up those in need,” said Dr Mary House, CEO of CHR, Inc. (Caring, Helping and Restoring Lives). “This significant funding is a crucial step forward for Nevada, enhancing our drive towards a future where communities prosper through cost-saving clean energy. As an advocate for the potential of clean energy to enrich lives, I’m eager to work alongside the Nevada Clean Energy Fund and other partners to ensure that affordable, pollution-free energy becomes accessible for every Nevadan.”

“Chispa Nevada is proud to congratulate the Nevada Clean Energy Fund on winning Solar For All funding for low-income and multi-family housing,” said Audrey Peral, Program Director for Chispa Nevada. “As we approach the Nevada summer, with electricity rates at an all-time high and our families living in neighborhoods with the hottest temperatures, our community needs urgent access to programs that will lower our utility bills and reduce climate pollution. We look forward to working with NCEF to develop solar projects that will transition Latine families, including renters and low-income households, to clean and local solar energy.”

“For too long, the cost-saving, pollution-reducing benefits of solar energy have been available only to individuals with above average incomes or financial means,” said Jarrett Clark, Communications Director of For Our Future Nevada. “Since its inception, the Nevada Clean Energy Fund has been hard at work putting clean solar energy within reach of thousands of working families. We’re thrilled that the $156 million ‘Solar for All’ grant will further expand Nevada’s clean energy potential, create good-paying jobs, and help working families breathe a little easier with cleaner air and lower utility bills.” 

“I’m pleased to see federal funding supporting Nevada’s communities in adopting clean energy through the $156 million Solar for All grant,” said Shaunda Johnson, State Director Faith in Action Nevada. “This initiative promises cleaner air for Nevada’s diverse communities and relief from high utility bills for those who need it most. It’s critical, moral, and just that the benefits of solar energy reach every corner of our state. This funding marks a significant advancement in our collective journey towards a healthier, safer, and more equitable future for all Nevadans.”


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