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Nevada Conservation League Announces Endorsements for 2024 Election Cycle 

NEVADA — Today, the Nevada Conservation League, which works to elect pro-environment candidates, announced endorsements in legislative and local races for the 2024 election cycle. The diverse group of environmental leaders is committed to strong climate action that better protects Nevada’s land, air, water, and health. 

Nevada Conservation League’s endorsements for the 2024 election cycle were issued after evaluations of the candidate questionnaires, interviews, and if applicable, legislative track record as determined by the 2023 Conservation Scorecard. Evaluations considered a broad range of conservation issues, including climate action, clean energy advancement, wildlife and public lands protection, and addressing inequitable environmental impacts on communities of color.  

Nevada Conservation League Deputy Director Christi Cabrera-Georgeson said:

“In the face of the serious challenges caused by the climate crisis, Nevada is at a crucial turning point where the choices we make now will have a significant impact on Nevadans’ future. We endorse candidates who show a strong commitment to creating a future where our environment is protected, where our communities can thrive, and where our democracy remains strong and dependable. And as we face more wildfires, scorching heat waves, and ongoing droughts in our state, the urgency of our work becomes even clearer — we can’t afford to ignore these issues. That’s why it’s important to elect leaders who understand the issues at hand and who are committed to protecting Nevada’s diverse communities. Together, we can secure the conservation leaders we need to advocate for a healthier Nevada.”

Full list of endorsed candidates for the 2024 Nevada General Election:

Nevada Legislature

Nevada State Senate
Shelly Crawford, Senate District 1

Rochelle Nguyen, Senate District 3

Dina Neal, Senate District 4

Jennifer Atlas, Senate District 5

Nicole Cannizzaro, Senate District 6

Roberta Lange, Senate District 7

Dallas Harris,  Senate District 11

Angie Taylor, Senate District 15

Josh Leavitt, Senate District 18

Nevada State Assembly

Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Assembly District 1

Heidi Kasama, Assembly District 2

Selena Torres, Assembly District 3

Ryan Hampton, Assembly District 4

Brittney Miller, Assembly District 5

Tanya Flanagan, Assembly District 7

Duy Nguyen, Assembly District 8

Steve Yeager, Assembly District 9

Venise Karris, Assembly District 10

Cinthia Moore, Assembly District 11

Max Carter, Assembly District 12

Brian Hibbetts, Assembly District 13

Erica Mosca, Assembly District 14

Howard Watts, Assembly District 15

Cecelia Gonzalez, Assembly District 16

Mishon Montgomery, Assembly District 17

Venicia Considine, Assembly District 18

David Orentlicher, Assembly District 20

Elaine Marzola, Assembly District 21

Melissa Hardy, Assembly District 22

Erica Roth, Assembly District 24

Selena La Rue Hatch, Assembly District 25

Alex Velto, Assembly District 27

Reuben D’Silva, Assembly District 28

Joe Dalia, Assembly District 29

Natha Anderson, Assembly District 30

Hanadi Nadeem, Assembly District 34

Sharifa Wahab, Assembly District 35

Shea Backus, Assembly District 37

Sandra Jauregui, Assembly District 41

Tracy Brown May, Assembly District 42

Local Races (County Commission)

Clark County Commission

Michael Naft, District A

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, District B

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod, District C

William McCurdy II, District D

Washoe County Commission

Alexis Hill, District 1

Our work to elect climate champions is as important as ever; 81% of Nevadans consider issues involving clean water, clean air, wildlife and public lands important in deciding whether to support an elected public official. The latest devastating Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report emphasizes the dire need for transformative climate action. The time to elect leaders who will act on climate is now. Learn more about Nevada Conservation League’s 2024 endorsements here.


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