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Nevada Conservation League Announces New Executive Director

NEVADA – The Nevada Conservation League (NCL) is delighted to introduce Kristee Watson as the organization’s newly appointed Executive Director. Kristee Watson assumed her role on September 16, 2023, and brings a wealth of experience and a passionate commitment to the cause of environmental conservation and the organization.

A longtime resident of southern Nevada, Kristee Watson has called this lively region home for over three decades. Her multifaceted professional background includes expertise in finance, business management, non-profit programming, and federal grant processes. In her prior role with NCL as Deputy Director, Kristee has already demonstrated her dedication to championing the cause of environmental protection in Nevada. She recognizes that robust environmental policies not only safeguard our natural world but also play a pivotal role in protecting underserved communities, enhancing public health, and fostering a thriving economy. Kristee’s career journey has uniquely positioned her to lead NCL into a new era of environmental advocacy.

Nevada faces urgent environmental challenges as it is home to two of the fastest-warming cities in the nation. Climate change poses a substantial threat to our communities, economy, and way of life. Under Kristee Watson’s leadership, NCL is committed to addressing these pressing issues -especially as we approach the 2024 election. One of Kristee’s key priorities in her new role as Executive Director will be to ensure that climate champions emerge victorious in the next election cycle. By rallying support, fostering informed public discourse, and collaborating with policymakers, NCL under Kristee’s guidance will actively work to elect leaders who prioritize environmental progress.

“I am thrilled to step into the role of Executive Director at the Nevada Conservation League, especially during such a critical time. Nevada is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, and the 2024 election will be pivotal in determining our state’s direction on environmental issues,” said Kristee Watson. “Our mission is clear: to elect climate champions who will drive meaningful policies to combat the climate crisis and protect our natural heritage. I firmly believe that by working with state leaders, educating voters, and advocating for robust climate solutions, we can secure the climate wins Nevada so desperately needs. Nevada’s future, its environment, and its people are at stake. I am ready to work tirelessly with our dedicated team, supporters, and partners to make sure that our state leads the way towards a sustainable, prosperous future for all.”

“The NCL Board of Directors is proud to welcome Kristee Watson as our new Executive Director. Kristee’s passion for the environment, her deep ties to southern Nevada, and her wealth of experience make her the ideal leader to guide our organization into the upcoming election season and onward,” said Justin Watkins, chairman of the NCL Board of Directors. “We are confident that under Kristee’s stewardship, the Nevada Conservation League will continue to be a formidable force in advocating for environmental conservation and addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change in Nevada. Her dedication and vision will undoubtedly inspire us all as we work together to protect our state’s natural treasures and ensure a sustainable future for our state.”

The Nevada Conservation League is confident that Kristee Watson’s leadership will help propel the organization to new heights in securing climate champions in office, advocating for meaningful environmental policies, combating climate change, and ensuring a sustainable future for all Nevadans.

About Us:

NCL works to protect our climate, air, water, land, and health by translating conservation values into political and policy priorities that we actively promote so all Nevada’s communities can thrive. We recognize that certain communities are disproportionately impacted by environmental degradation and climate disruption, and at all levels of our work we seek more environmentally just outcomes. We strive to do all of our work in a way that recognizes and builds a deeper understanding of racial and social justice and that builds a more inclusive organization.

The NCL family of organizations includes Nevada Conservation League, a 501(c)(4) organization, Nevada Conservation League Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, and Nevada Conservation League Political Action Committee, our political arm that directly helps elect pro-conservation candidates win office. 

To donate to our cause go to https://nevadaconservationleague.org/contribute/.  


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