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Nevada Conservation League & LCV Victory Fund launch Seven Figure Electoral Program in Nevada

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The Nevada Conservation League, in partnership with the LCV Victory Fund, is launching a seven-figure independent electoral program in Nevada to help elect and re-elect pro-conservation champions and fight back against the worst pro-polluter candidates.

“Thanks to the leadership of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Governor Steve Sisolak, and all of Nevada’s pro-environmental decision makers, our state has become a national leader in renewable energy jobs, public land conservation, and an overall cleaner and healthier environment. Our state remains in the spotlight because of bold pro-climate legislation, ambitious executive actions, and robust federal funding that provides historic investments in clean energy programs. We must continue this progress and continue to combat the climate crisis by electing and reelecting environmental champions up-and-down the ballot,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director, Paul Selberg. “Our federal, state, and local environmental leaders are a vital component in building a clean, safe, and healthy future for ALL Nevadans – and we are proud to support, invest in, and defend our champions.” 

The Nevada Conservation League and the LCV Victory Fund are investing more than $2 million into crucial parts of the Silver State for the 2022 election cycle. This includes an aggressive canvassing program, direct mail, and digital ads from now through Election Day, November 8. This announcement also comes as LCV Victory Fund releases their federal level ‘Dirty Dozen’ list, highlighting some of our nation’s worst anti-environmental federal candidates who are in the pocket of the same fossil fuel corporations that have profited off the backs of working-class families. Most notably on that list is Nevada Senate Republican nominee Adam Laxalt.

More information on Nevada’s State Level Targets:

During the past two election cycles the Nevada Conservation League is credited with helping flip control of the Governor’s mansion by electing the first Democratic Governor in nearly two decades while also defending our legislative majorities in both chambers. As a result, Nevada has made strides on several environmental issues at the forefront of the conservation movement that include becoming the first state in the nation to pass a state-level resolution in support of the 30×30 global initiative (AJR3) and making historic investments to improve our state’s clean energy infrastructure (SB448). However, these accomplishments could be undone if pro-pollution candidates win in November.

Nevada is one of the most transient states in the nation, with a relatively young and diverse population, which presents significant challenges when attempting to campaign in our state. Estimates show that roughly one-third of all 2022 expected voters in the Silver State will have Senator Catherine Cortez Masto on their ballot for the first time ever. This indicates that an overall electoral strategy for the state of Nevada not only requires significant investments, but specifically early investments in order to build relationships, name ID, and trust between the expected 2022 electorate and the decision-makers that will appear on their ballots.

Statewide Candidates:

  • Gubernatorial – Steve Sisolak (Incumbent)
  • Attorney General – Aaron Ford (Incumbent)
  • Secretary of State – Cisco Aguilar (Pick-Up Opportunity)

State Legislature:

  • State Senate
    • Marilyn Dondero Loop (Incumbent)
    • Melanie Scheible (Incumbent)
    • Julie Pazina (Pick-Up Opportunity)
  • Assembly
    • Brittney Miller (Incumbent)
    • Steve Yeager (Incumbent)
    • Elaine Marzola (Incumbent)
    • Angie Taylor (Protect)
    • Lesley Cohen (Incumbent)
    • Natha Anderson (Incumbent)
    • Michelle Gorelow (Incumbent)
    • Sandra Jauregui (Incumbent)

More information on Adam Laxalt from the Dirty Dozen:

Laxalt is a climate denier who has benefitted from millions in outside spending linked to Big Oil. As Nevada Attorney General, Laxalt signed a letter defending ExxonMobil Corp. saying there is a “reasonable suspicion” of climate science. In his failed 2018 gubernatorial run, Laxalt benefitted from more than $2.5 million in outside spending from groups bankrolled by Big Oil. Additionally, Laxalt worked with Trump to try to overturn the 2020 election, continues to perpetuate the Big Lie to this day, says he would investigate the 2020 election if elected to the Senate, and won’t commit to voting to certify hypothetical 2024 presidential election results.


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