Angelyn Tabalba

Nevada Conservation League Releases a Statement Following the Confirmation of Michael Regan as Head of the EPA

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — The Nevada Conservation League released the following statement in response to the confirmation of Michael Regan as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, making history as the first Black man to head the department. 

“The first weeks of the Biden administration were momentous for climate action and environmental protection and the naming of Michael Regan to lead the EPA does not fall short of this bold and ambitious agenda,” said Paul Selberg, executive director of the Nevada Conservation League. “Administrator Regan is a fierce advocate for clean energy, climate action, and conservation and his confirmation recognizes the real danger of climate change, especially to communities of color. When communities of color are facing greater, deadlier threats of climate change and air pollution in Nevada and across the country, representation matters. I am proud to see that the Biden administration is meeting the climate crisis with strong, representative leadership and we look forward to working with Administrator Regan to create more inclusive climate policy for all Nevadans.”

Michael Regan’s confirmation as EPA Administrator is significant for Nevada’s communities that suffer from dangerous air pollution. According to a report from the Environmental Defense Fund, 92 percent of Nevadans live in counties with poor air quality, which statistically affects African-American and Latino populations at a much higher rate compared to their White counterparts. Strong leadership in the EPA would ensure environmental safeguards that also prioritize the health and safety of Nevadans and Americans. 

In early February, the Nevada Conservation League joined 90 organizations in a letter to U.S. Senate leadership urging members to support Michael Regan’s confirmation as the head of the EPA. 

Michael Regan’s confirmation is historic and comes years after the naming of the first Black EPA Administrator, Lisa P. Jackson in 2009. Michael Regan brings a unique and necessary perspective to the agency and the work being done to protect public health and our clean air and water. 

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