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Nevada Conservation League Releases Legislative Scorecard Examining Key Conservation Votes by State Leaders During 2023 Legislative Session 

Legislators Prioritized Public and Environmental Health While Leveraging Federal Funds

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — The Nevada Conservation League publicly released its Conservation Scorecard today, evaluating Governor Lombardo and state legislators on environmental bills regarding climate change, energy, public lands, wildlife, water, and environmental justice during the 82nd legislative session. This session, legislative leaders put public and environmental health at the forefront of their work, while leveraging federal dollars from the Clean Energy Plan.

The Scorecard graded lawmakers on critical conservation priorities identified by the Nevada Conservation League. Legislators were scored on 18 bills that advanced this session, including major policy priorities to protect Nevada’s lands and wildlife, expand access to outdoor recreation, and advance clean energy solutions. 

The Scorecard also features an issue spotlight on legislation that harnesses federal funding from the Clean Energy Plan. These funds provide Nevada with the guaranteed funding and competitive grant opportunities to help meet our climate and clean energy goals. 

Highlights from the Scorecard include: 

  • 36 out of 63 legislators (12 Senators and 24 Assembly members) received a perfect score of 100%
  • The Senate received an average score of 90% and the Assembly received 88%. This is a significant improvement from 2021 
  • Democratic leadership in the Senate and Assembly all received a score of 100%
  • Chairs of key committees received a score of 94% or higher

Governor Lombardo was graded based on four key categories: leadership, administration, appointments, and legislative session, and received a C for his overall grade. While he and his administration have made some positive steps, particularly in his support of the state’s clean energy economic opportunities, he has also taken actions to oppose public land protection and promote polluting, out-of-state fossil fuels.

“Since 2003, the Nevada Conservation League has been helping Nevadans see how well their decision-makers protect our climate, air, water, land, and communities through the Conservation Scorecard. This session, our legislative leaders put public and environmental health at the forefront of their work, and today, we can celebrate many of these climate and environmental victories,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Kristee Watson. “However, Nevada still continues to face threats to our bedrock environmental laws from the fossil fuel industry and anti-conservation politicians. It will take vigilance from everyone that cares about our state to make sure that we don’t move backward, but continue to make positive progress. That’s why we are dedicated to our work to help elect leaders who understand and share our conservation priorities so that we can secure a healthier future for our communities, environment, and economy.”  

“Understanding how our elected representatives voted on major environmental decisions is key to a functioning democracy,” said Nevada Conservation League Deputy Director Christi Cabrera-Georgeson. “We are proud to share the 2023 Conservation Scorecard, a project of the Nevada Conservation League, which tells a story of how our state leaders leveraged their power to lay the groundwork for a more equitable and sustainable future. While we celebrate the leadership and progress made to better protect our environment, we must also continue to hold our elected leaders accountable and encourage the prioritization of our health and environment for generations to come. The work continues to ensure that all Nevadans have access to open spaces, clean air, clean water, and an environment free of harmful pollution.” 

The Scorecard represents a yardstick for evaluating the environmental records of state leaders. Nevadans are encouraged to view the Scorecard to better understand the decisions our elected representatives are making at the state level that directly affect our families, communities, and everyday life. 

The Conservation Scorecard was first released at the Home Means Nevada Awards Dinner, which took place on Saturday, October 7. The organization’s annual fundraising dinner celebrates legislative progress for our environment and recognizes exceptional community leaders who have worked toward a better future for Nevada. The award winners also joined keynote speaker Senator Jacky Rosen and other conservation leaders taking the stage. More information about the event can be found here


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