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Nevada Lawmakers Signal Promising Future for Conservation, Climate, and Clean Energy Policy

NEVADA – During the final night of Conservation Lobby Week hosted by the Nevada Conservation Network, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro and Speaker of the Assembly Jason Frierson gave insight on what Nevadans can expect to see for the remainder of the legislative session. The lawmakers alluded to a promising future for conservation, climate, and clean energy policy and encouraged Nevadans to continue activism around these issues. 

(A recording of this event can be watched and downloaded here)

“Over the next coming weeks, we of course plan to advance an agenda that will double down on our renewable energy efforts and continue to build on the work we have done in addressing the climate crisis and protecting Nevada’s natural heritage,” said Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. “We plan to enact energy efficiency reform and to establish mandatory energy efficiency goals while raising the low-income program target. We also plan to pass a clean energy package that is going to invest in the development of charging stations across Nevada that have a strong emphasis based on low-income and underserved communities.”

“This session, currently, while challenging on many levels because of the COVID pandemic and the virtual way that we are having to function, we do have some good policies that I think will further our work while addressing climate change and public lands and I’m really fortunate to have some members in my caucus that have long-fought, championed these issues,” said Speaker of the Assembly Jason Frierson. “We’re looking at protecting wildlife habitats, cleaning up our air through the reduction of smog, and laying the groundwork with my colleague Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen’s [responsible energy] planning bill.” 

“Nevadans care about creating a clean energy, climate-resilient future where all communities can thrive. It’s reflected in polling data, in the hundreds of advocates who joined us this week, and in the bold policies we continue to put forth,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Paul Selberg. “The 2021 legislative session is the best chance we have to enact meaningful policy that will tackle the climate crisis, conserve Nevada’s best lands and waters, and position Nevada as a leader in the clean energy economy.”

Conservation Lobby Week was hosted by the Nevada Conservation Network and featured a series of nightly town halls March 22-25 discussing the urgent need for bold climate and conservation-centered policy with members of the Nevada Senate and Assembly, conservation leaders, and activists. For the first time, Conservation Lobby Week was held virtually and caught the attention of over 340 Nevadans who engaged with their legislator and participated in nightly educational town halls. 

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