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Nevada State Leaders Join the Nevada Conservation League to Celebrate 2023 Successes at Annual Recap Event 

A recording of the discussion can be watched here.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. —  This Wednesday, the Nevada Conservation League (NCL) was joined by Assemblyman Howard Watts and Bertha Gutierrez from the Conservation Lands Foundation for an annual review of conservation wins across the state in 2023. The virtual event gave participants an overview of NCL’s victories in passing major conservation bills, designating a new national monument, and leveraging federal funding from the Affordable Clean Energy Plan.

“The progress we made this year could not have been achieved without the passionate Nevadans who have gotten involved with us and advocated for conservation progress,” said Nevada Conservation League Community Organizer Hector Arreola. “Even with these environmental victories, Nevada continues to face threats to our bedrock environmental laws from the fossil fuel industry and anti-conservation politicians. NCL will continue to fight side by side with our partners to hold the line, and we encourage all Nevadans to get involved in the new year.”

The Nevada Conservation League and partner organizations kicked off 2023 with the designation of Nevada’s newest national monument, Avi Kwa Ame, protecting more than 500,000 acres of land significant for Indigenous communities, ecological resources, and Nevada’s outdoor recreation economy. 

“The road to the designation was years in the making, decades in the case of Tribal Nations,” said Conservation Lands Foundation Program Director, Bertha Gutierrez. “Nevadans came together to protect a landscape that is sacred for Indigenous peoples and so important for Nevada’s history, Nevada’s outdoor recreation economy, and the way of life of nearby communities.”

During Nevada’s 82nd legislative session, the Nevada Conservation League helped establish a Wildlife Crossing Fund for safer roads and wildlife protection, funding for the Outdoor Education and Recreation Grant Program, and the initiation of the Nevada Clean Trucks and Buses Incentive Program. Twenty-five environmental bills from our organization’s priority list passed through the legislature and went to the Governor’s Desk. 

“We were able to accomplish so much; from taking on climate change, advancing the use of clean energy, protecting our public lands, addressing drought and wildfires, and protecting wildlife, 2023 was an incredible year full of victories for conservation wins in the state,” said Assemblyman Howard Watts. “There is still more to do and we’ll need everyone to be active and engaged on these issues for us to make continued progress.” 

This fall, we celebrated the very first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden’s clean energy plan that will cut pollution in half by 2030, create millions of good paying jobs, invest in environmental justice, and reduce energy bills for families across the country. One year after becoming law, new clean energy projects have spurred $12.19 billion in Nevada investments, the 6th highest in the nation. These investments are offering Nevadans home energy incentives, up-front discounts, tax credits and low-cost financing that together provide a substantial pot of money for every household to electrify the machines they rely on.

“We want Nevadans to know these benefits are available, which is why NCL hosted several community events and meetings throughout the year to share more about how to take advantage of them,” said Nevada Conservation League Community Organizer, Trystin St. Denis. “These federal incentives will continue to be announced in Nevada and we’ll be here to let Nevadans know how they can take advantage of clean energy benefits to save on energy bills, get good paying jobs, and reduce pollution.”

This year’s achievements will help preserve the cultural and ecological significance of our public lands, boost our economy, help build the next generation of environmental stewards, and ensure no one gets left behind in the transition to a clean energy future.  Together, we are shaping a more sustainable and resilient Nevada. Make a contribution today to help protect our climate, air, water, land, and health by translating conservation values into political and policy priorities so all Nevada’s communities can thrive.


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