Nevada uniquely positioned to lead nation on renewable energy

By Steve Trenholm and Mick Baird |December 24, 2015

Gov. Brian Sandoval’s renewable energy leadership continues to position Nevada as a clean energy economic growth engine. Recently, the governor directed state agencies to begin working toward Clean Power Plan compliance, reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants. “By pursuing the strategy, we will … provide Nevada with the best opportunity to develop a proposal that will utilize the state’s portfolio of clean energy resources,” he said.

Since adopting its Renewable Portfolio Standard in 1997, Nevada has led, and continues to lead, national carbon pollution reduction efforts, taking advantage of its clean energy resources. In 2013, Sandoval signed into law a bipartisan bill, SB123, reducing Nevada’s coal-fired generation dependence. And under the federal Clean Power Plan, Nevada is well-positioned to use renewable power to drive innovation, grow its economy and provide clean, affordable energy to businesses and homeowners.

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