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New Ad by Nevada Conservation League: Nevada’s Conservation Leaders are Fighting for Clean Energy

CARSON CITY Nev. — Today, Nevada Conservation League announced a new ad to highlight Nevada’s leaders who are fighting back against Big Oil’s price gouging of Nevada families and are working to accelerate a clean energy economy that creates local jobs and fights the climate crisis. While Nevadans are feeling pain at the pump, Nevada’s conservation champions are implementing vital legislation to strengthen our transmission grid, electrify transportation, and save families money on their energy bills.

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“Over the past few years, Nevada has made great strides in investing in clean and renewable energy sources – but our work is not done. Nevada is currently not on track to hit our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and we need bold, ambitious, and aggressive policies to fight the climate crisis,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Paul Selberg. “Transitioning our state off of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas and investing in renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal will diversify Nevada’s economy while creating the next generation of jobs, promote energy independence, and finally fight the effects of climate change. Our Battle Born conservation champions have started the battle, now it’s time to win the war against climate change.

Nevada Conservation League’s new ad ‘Fighting for Us’ is a response to polluter-backed attacks on Democrats’ support for domestic energy production, which has been repeatedly debunked. The organization’s new ad will run on digital platforms across Nevada.  

Nevada is home to some of the best solar, geothermal, and wind energy resources in the nation. In 2019, Nevada’s environmental leaders passed legislation to increase the state’s renewable portfolio standard so we can reach a clean energy economy faster. Most recently, Nevada leaders passed SB 448 just last year, a major clean energy bill that invests in Nevada’s transmission network, transportation electrification, and energy efficiency programs for low-income Nevadans.

The price of gas remains too high for Nevada families, many of whom are still recovering from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining dependent on oil leaves Nevadans, and Americans, vulnerable to price hikes in gas prices and energy costs. To achieve real energy independence, we must reduce our dependence on oil and gas and speed up the domestic production of cheaper, cleaner energy. 

Full text of the new ad is below.

Fighting for Us

Putin’s Ukraine invasion

Skyrocketing inflation

We pay higher prices while oil and gas companies rake in profits.

Nevada’s conservation leaders are taking action, accelerating 100% clean energy production and creating jobs.

See how state leaders are fighting for us.


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