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Washington, D.C. –  As the COVID relief bill nears Senate passage, new polling from Climate Power and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) released today found overwhelming popularity for transformational clean energy investments as part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Recovery plan.

MEMO: Results of LCV/Climate Power poll

The national poll, with oversamples in battleground states, also found that false and misleading attacks from the oil and gas industry and others had little impact on support for Biden’s plan to invest in infrastructure and clean energy. In addition, voters were not concerned about the cost of the ambitious plan to Build Back Better.

Key findings:

  • MAJORITY FAVOR THE PLAN: 60% of voters nationally have a favorable impression of the Build Back Better infrastructure investment plan when presented with a short description. Only 23% are unfavorable; another 17% are neutral.
    • President Biden’s Build Back Better Recovery Plan would make historic investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, and clean energy such as solar and wind power. It would include funding for research and development to support innovation and new technologies. By investing in America, American products, and American workers, Biden’s plan will create millions of additional good-paying jobs, combat the climate crisis, and build our economy back better than before.
  • OVERWHELMING SUPPORT FOR PASSAGE, COST NOT A CONCERN: After being presented with additional specifics, including that the plan would cost either $2 trillion or $4 trillion (using a split sample), more than two-thirds of voters nationally (69%) and in battleground states (68%) say that Congress should pass President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. There was no difference in support based on the plan’s potential cost. Among Independents, support for passing the plan is at 73% nationally and slightly higher at 76% in key states.
  • VOTERS BACK CLEAN ENERGY JOBS: 66% of voters nationally and 64% in battleground states are favorable to the fact that the Biden plan “would create new, good-paying jobs by making major investments to expand the use of clean energy, including solar power and wind energy.”
  • CLEAN ENERGY INVESTMENTS DRIVE SUPPORT FOR THE PLAN: Seven-in-ten voters say the plan’s emphasis on clean energy investments makes them more likely to support it, including four-in-ten who are much more likely to support it because of its emphasis on clean energy.
  • VOTERS WANT CLIMATE ACTION: 60% of voters consider climate change to be either a crisis or a very serious problem.
  • FOSSIL FUEL ATTACKS FALL FLAT: Even after being presented with a series of attacks on the plan, support for President Biden’s proposal is durable—with 66% still saying that Congress should pass it, and 66% continuing to say that the emphasis on clean energy investments makes them more likely to support the plan.
  • PLAN UNITES DEMOCRATS, DIVIDES REPUBLICANS: While very conservative Republicans oppose the plan by a wide margin, all other Republicans (those who describe themselves as somewhat conservative or moderate) are evenly divided over it. There is significant intensity in the support of Democrats, 72% of whom say Congress should definitely pass it. There is overwhelming support for the plan among both liberal Democrats and moderate Democrats—this is a plan that should unite the party.

Please see the accompanying memo from Hart Research Associates for full results. The survey was conducted from February 2-7. It includes a nationally representative sample of 1,008 voters. In addition, Hart Research Associates conducted 636 interviews across nine states that are likely to determine passage of the Build Back Better plan (AZ, FL, GA, NC, NH, NV, OH, PA, WI).

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