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President Biden Again Stresses Climate Change And Clean Energy Investments In State Of The Union Address

Nevada Clean Energy Advocates Comment on the Significance of Biden’s Remarks for the Country and for Nevada  

An important part of President Biden’s  State of the Union Address was the continuation and acceleration of federal investment in clean energy programs to combat climate change and make the United States more energy independent. These programs, many initiated through the Inflation Reduction Act, have improved air quality for children and their families, boosted the economy, and created thousands of good-paying jobs in Nevada. 

The following are quotes from local advocates on the impact that continued investment will have for Nevada: 

“During last night’s State of the Union address, President Biden underscored the importance of climate action and investing in good-paying clean energy jobs. Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, Nevada has seen 15,938 new clean energy jobs and $12.2 billion in new investments” said Climate Power’s States Managing Director Saumya Narechania. “The clean energy plan will continue to accelerate this boom while lowering energy costs for families, and reducing climate pollution across Nevada. If President Trump wins a second term, we risk losing all of this hard-fought progress. Trump has demonstrated again and again that he’s on the side of oil and gas executives instead of the American people. His re-election would be a travesty for Nevada’s workers, the clean energy economy, and the environment.”

“Thanks to President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, there are now almost 16,000 new clean energy jobs in Nevada and over $12 billion in investments in new clean energy projects from the Brightline West rail network to Unimacts’ solar manufacturing expansion in Las Vegas. An additional 40,000 clean energy jobs are projected over the next decade. Along with a growing number of high-paying jobs, the clean energy economy also means cost savings for Nevada homeowners and consumers through lower electric bills and fuel costs. President Biden’s investments in Nevada will continue to create more good jobs and lower costs for the Silver State for years to come.” Ben Bryce, Environmental Defense Fund 

“The health of our communities and the future of our economy depend on the actions we take today. President Biden’s plan for clean energy is paving the way for remarkable growth in Nevada and igniting a wave of transformative change across the state, from $12 billion invested in clean energy projects to nearly 16,000 good-paying jobs and tangible benefits to lower energy costs for families,” said Kristee Watson, Executive Director, Nevada Conservation League. “This progress is not by chance; it’s the result of an unwavering commitment to bold policy that puts our planet and people first. However, our work is far from done. As we celebrate these achievements, we must keep up the fight against more drilling, leasing, and handouts to Big Polluters while we advance clean energy solutions that create jobs and protect our environment for future generations.”

“President Biden’s clean energy plan is already working in Nevada. Thousands of jobs have been created in the clean energy economy, construction and manufacturing sectors, especially among communities that have been historically underserved and are most impacted by climate change. Families across the state have taken advantage of funding for home energy efficiency upgrades that are bringing down energy costs, and our schools and communities have received numerous federal grants for projects ranging from electric buses to solar energy installations and EV charging stations. These efforts are actively combating climate change and making our communities more sustainable and resilient for future generations – and it’s all made possible because of the vision and the investments of President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan.” Jarrett Clark, For Our Future Nevada


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