Brigitte Yanez

President Biden Begins National Shift from Fossil Fuels

Biden Issues Critical Executive Order to Suspend Dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline and Nevada Conservation League Looks Toward a Clean Energy Future

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Hours after being sworn into office, President Joe Biden issued an executive order to revoke a key permit for the dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline that would have allowed for the structure to cross international borders. The executive action is a major move in combating the climate crisis, diverting our country away from its dependence on dirty fossil fuels like natural gas, and towards clean, renewable energy sources. 

“On day one, President Biden took decisive action to suspend the Keystone XL Pipeline and prevent what could have been yet another environmental disaster,” said Paul Selberg, Executive Director for the Nevada Conservation League. “The Nevada Conservation League applauds the president for shutting the door on the Keystone XL Pipeline, another major move in fulfilling a bold, new national climate agenda that shifts our states and nation away from dirty fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. We look forward to a clean energy future in Nevada by halting dirty energy projects, phasing out the fossil fuel industry, and making major investments in renewable energy resources.”

The Keystone XL pipeline has been at the center of climate conversations for over a decade. The project is known for the several dangers it poses to the environment including the potential for oil spills that are difficult to clean, poisons surrounding wildlife, and damages to critical farmland. The pipeline also represents a long term investment into fossil fuel energy infrastructure – thwarting the necessary transition to new, clean, and smart energy resources. 

The decision is a victory for a slew of environmental advocates including Indigenous leaders, climate activists, farmers, and ranchers who stood at the forefront of this decade-long battle to defeat the pipeline. 

From President Biden’s swift action to rejoin the Paris climate accord to the suspension of the Keystone Pipeline, it is clear that America is on the precipice of a new era of climate action — one that recognizes the severity and urgency of this crisis. We look forward to continuing support for climate-focused policies that will ensure the protection of land, water, wildlife, and people in Nevada and the nation. 

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