Steve Sisolak Stands Up for Red Rock

NCL issues statement on Sisolak’s strong stance protecting Southern Nevada’s natural treasure

This week developer Jim Rhodes applied to have a requirement that he obtain a BLM right-of-way for the access road for his proposed development in Red Rock Canyon at Blue Diamond Hill waived. This requirement established by the Clark County Commission in 2011 was to ensure that county tax payers didn’t spend money reviewing a site-specific plan until developers got approval for a road that would scar the side of the mountain.

County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak released the following statement shutting down hopes that developers could find a way to circumvent protections put in place years ago by Commissioners in Clark County, including himself.

“The developer of the proposed Gypsum Ridge project recently submitted a request to waive important conditions that the Clark County Commission imposed on the developer’s Concept Plan in 2011. Protecting our vital open spaces, scenic treasures and irreplaceable resources has always been, and will always be, among my highest priorities. I will oppose waiving these conditions.

Moreover, the voters of Clark County will have spoken and elected two new commissioners, to be seated in January. I will not be a party to a lame-duck vote on such an important matter and I support allowing the next iteration of the county commission being granted the opportunity to weigh in on this issue.”

In response to Sisolak’s statement, Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Andy Maggi praised the Commissioner.

“Steve Sisolak has told the conservation community that he is ready to protect our public lands and Red Rock Canyon. And when developers tried to test that commitment, Commissioner Sisolak stood with Nevadans, our public lands, and our outdoor recreation economy. It matters when a politician says they are going to do something and then follows through. This is a huge win for Red Rock and our public lands.”

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