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Nevada Conservation League Hosts Workshop on Clean Energy Home Upgrades

State Senator Dina Neal, Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy II, Nevada Clean Energy Fund, and Nevada Conservation League elevated cost-saving opportunities for Nevadans

LAS VEGAS, NV — Yesterday, the Nevada Conservation League was joined by State Senator Dina Neal, Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy II, and the Nevada Clean Energy Fund during the ‘Clean Power Perks’ workshop. The panelists shared resources that aim to help Nevadans lower their energy costs through clean energy solutions. Community advocates discussed the different energy efficiency programs available to Nevadans that can save homeowners thousands of dollars in upfront costs and reduce their utility bills in the long run.

A recording of the event can be found here.

By upgrading household appliances, installing solar, transitioning to electric vehicles, and weatherizing homes for improved energy efficiency, Nevadans can leverage available clean energy tax credits and bring down home energy bills. Significant investments from President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan including the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) are presenting opportunities for Nevadans to participate in the transformation towards a cleaner, more sustainable future while reducing home energy bills. 

“As of today, Nevadans have a unique opportunity to save thousands of dollars in energy efficiency upgrades and cut down their utility bills,”  said Nevada Conservation League Community Organizer, Hector Arreola. “This is all thanks to the great work of our state and local government, and President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan. These investments are saving families and homeowners money, all while creating good-paying jobs, cleaning our air, and fueling a clean energy economy here in Nevada. Our organization is working hard to ensure investments reach all communities, especially those most impacted by rising utility costs and environmental impacts.”

“There are a lot of great federal investments coming to Nevada and I want to ensure communities of color and low income families are able to apply these to their lives,” said Nevada State Senator Dina Neal. “These are ongoing efforts. Nevada leaders must work in tandem with energy experts and community organizations to ensure the clean energy transition leaves no Nevadan behind. Together we can make incentives more accessible and ensure we maximize federal electrification, weatherization funds, and household appliance rebates.”

“The Clean Energy Plan will give local governments the resources to bring our initiatives to the community,” said Clark County Commissioner William McCurdy II. “At Clark County, we are constantly looking to maximize the efficiency of our resources while meeting the needs of all our residents. Clark County’s All-In Community Sustainability and Climate Action Plan is our roadmap to drive local action on climate change, charting a course that will ensure a more resilient and equitable future for all.”

“One of the main barriers preventing homeowners from accessing the savings from the Clean Power Plan is the upfront cost of a home repair or upgrade,” said Will Pregman, Loan Officer and Program Manager for Nevada Clean Energy Fund (NCEF). “We launched our Residential Energy Upgrade Program, or ‘RE-UP’, to create an affordable financing option for these kinds of repairs and upgrades for low- or moderate-income Nevadans. The loans we offer through RE-UP, combined with rebates, tax credits, and other incentives, can put energy efficiency within reach for Nevada homeowners, lowering their monthly utility bills in the process.” 

By strategically deploying clean and electric technologies, Nevada can establish itself as a leader in sustainability and innovation, fostering positive outcomes for its residents and the environment. It’s time to transform Nevada’s homes and communities into beacons of clean energy innovation. Learn more about federal clean energy tax credits that are available now.


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