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Nevada’s Federal Democratic Leaders Earn Outstanding Environmental Scores, Calls on State Legislature to Build on Federal Momentum 

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Last week, environmental scores for Nevada’s federal leaders from the League of Conservation Voters revealed the delegation’s Democratic lawmakers delivered on action to protect our environment, protect our democracy, and build a clean energy future, earning them an A grade for their votes in 2022. Now, our federal elected officials are calling on Nevada’s state legislature to build on federal momentum and leverage the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. And Democratic state leaders are ready to ensure this happens. 

“Nevada won big with unprecedented climate and clean energy investments from the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act, and we are ready to get to work to implement this funding to lower our energy bills, slash air pollution, spur our state’s clean energy economy, and steer us toward a healthy environment,” said Nevada Conservation League Executive Director Paul Selberg. “For these funds to reach its full potential, state and local policymakers will need to ensure investments are distributed and felt in ways that advance environmental justice and improve our resilience. Passing federal funding was the first step. Now it’s time to strategize and equitably implement these funds at the state and local level.”

“We’re creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs across Nevada with the funding I’ve fought for to invest in clean energy, lifting up working families in communities all across the state,” said Senator Cortez Masto. “Nevada is well positioned to benefit from these federal resources, and I’ll continue to lead efforts to support these jobs and protect our public lands.”

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Nevada Conservation League for the work I’ve done to protect Nevada’s environment,” said Senator Jacky Rosen. “I’m proud to support commonsense conservation policies in the Senate, including the climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, and I will continue fighting to create good-paying clean energy jobs. I’m committed to taking action to address the impact of climate change in Nevada, such as from wildfires and extreme drought, and working to ensure that our environment remains protected for generations.”

“I’m proud to have received a 100% on the League of Conservation Voters’ scorecard this year,”  said Congresswoman Dina Titus (NV-01). I’ll keep working in Congress to protect Nevada’s sacred public lands, secure investments in clean energy infrastructure, and safeguard our environment for future generations.”

“Here in Nevada, we are facing the worst of this climate crisis, with record heat waves and the most devastating drought the West has seen in 12 centuries,” said Congresswoman Susie Lee (NV-03). “But we are finally taking action. The Inflation Reduction Act is the most significant investment in combating climate change that Congress has made in our history. From investments in Nevada’s clean energy economy, protections for our sacred public lands, and solutions for our western water crisis, we are making progress, but the work continues. I am honored to be just a small part of this movement of volunteers, environmental advocates, and voices of the next generation of leaders. Without you all, this wouldn’t be possible and I thank you for your support and all of the work you do for our planet.”

“I’m proud to stand up to protect our environment for generations to come, but we have much more work to do,” said Congressman Steven Horsford (NV-04). “State and local-level investments are necessary to continue fighting to combat climate change and complement the work of our federal initiatives. As the former State Senate Majority Leader, I applaud our state for leading the nation on environmental investments and initiatives. I look forward to seeing the continued great work of our state legislature on this cause so that Nevadans can push through and overcome our national and global environmental challenges.”

Federal Leader2022 Score117th Congress ScoreLifetime Score
Senator Cortez Masto96%98%97%
Senator Rosen96%98%97%
Representative Titus100%100%96%
Representative Amodei5%14%8%
Representative Lee95%95%96%
Representative Horsford100%100%88%
View the scores and more here 

The 2022 Environmental Scorecard measures votes cast during the second session of the 117th Congress. Nevada’s Senate delegation earned a score of 96 percent, one of the highest delegation scores in the nation. Representatives Titus, Lee, and Horsford earned a score of 95 percent or greater. In 2022, Representative Amodei was given a score of 5 percent, which brought down the House average to 75 percent. We are proud to see Nevada’s own lawmakers trailblazing the way for pro-environment legislation. 

There is a clear synergy between federal and state leaders. Nevada earned a reputation as a national leader on climate, clean energy, and conservation, and some of the state’s highest ranking lawmakers committed to not only defending its title, but building on its progress during the 2023 state legislative session. State leaders hope to see a continuation of federal support to secure long term climate investments, expand our green economy, and improve the health of communities across Nevada. 

“The Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus is so proud of the work Senators Cortez Masto and Rosen along with Representatives Titus, Horsford, and Lee have done in Washington, D.C., to secure record funding to protect our air, water and land in Nevada,” said Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. “Legislative Democrats will continue to pass meaningful policies that seize the opportunity our federal delegation has given us to expand safe, resilient, and healthy communities across the Silver State.”

“During the last year, we worked tirelessly in partnership with our federal delegation to secure the funding necessary to implement forward-looking environmental policy that protects Nevadans and our precious natural resources,” said Nevada Speaker of the Assembly Steve Yeager. “The legislature will continue to advance legislation that expands our clean energy economy, brings good paying jobs to Nevada, reduces our emissions, and creates safe, resilient, and healthy communities for everyday Nevadans. I hope that our partners in the federal government will continue to invest in Nevada’s environmental future to help us achieve these goals.”

Policy to prioritize federal climate funding for clean transportation are currently underway in Nevada’s 82nd legislative session. Assembly Bill 184 seeks to leverage federal funding to create an incentive program for medium and heavy-duty (MHD) electric vehicles that support Nevada’s small business owners, fleets in underserved communities, and electrification of school and transit buses. Shifting toward electric vehicles will lead to huge reductions in carbon pollution while also improving air quality. The legislation is a priority for the Nevada Conservation League. More of the organization’s policy priorities can be found here


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